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Sewerage Treatment Solutions

At Next Water Treatment we offer a sewerage treatment solution which is as versatile as it is effective. We cater for a wide variety of industries and applications so whether you are a food factory looking to improve hygiene and reduce trade effluent charges or a food service establishment reducing fats, oils and grease blockages we provide a bioaugmentation product which has proved effective.

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Introducing FGX3

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Experience of poor results from bioaugmentation treatments has resulted in clients becoming sceptical and resistant to anything which remotely resembles them. Next ask – why introduce new colonies of bacteria when the indigenous population is already there and well adapted for the local environment? You can effectively stimulate the indigenous bacteria to accelerate the natural environmental action of those already present in the system.

Extended testing in several pumping stations has resulted in success at 4 out of 5 mainly in Severn Trent Water catchment and Thames water catchment. We are surprised by the one failure and would like to try further enhancements if we get the opportunity.

Adding Next FOG formulation can deliver 17% operational savings and when Ofwat performance standards encompassing C-Mex(Customer Measure of Experience) for UK water company Asset Management Plan 7 are added in we can extrapolate these savings into £Ms when dosed at known problem areas throughout the sewerage networks.

Industry Applications

Agriculture Water Treatment


Growth adjuctant. Increases foliar uptake

Water Treatment for Rivers & Canals

Rivers & Canals

Enhances river needs targets for: DO, P, BOD5

Abbatoirs & Pet Food Processing

Abattoirs & Pet Food Processing

Mitigates FOG and improves WWTW compliance

Municipal Water & Sanitation

Municipal Water & Sanitation

Energy, compliance, process, FOG improvements.

Food & Drink

Food & Drink

Can be regarded as a Protein Surfactant Synergist PSS™

Industrial Processing

Industrial Processing

Regulatory charges reduced. Processes enhanced

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