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Next Water Treatment markets globally through a network of Associates. Communication with us on the web site will allow us to put you in touch with the appropriate associate in your region or if you are interested in becoming a direct associate we will be pleased to hear from you.

Our technologies are chosen to innovatively provide high quality water treatment enhancing customer service in its delivery.

The metrics of our systems are measurable and achieve results that evidentially drive our performance upward.

First class endorsements and certifications include University of Irivine (FGX3), Water Reuse Research Foundation (Scale Stop), NSF International National Sanitation Foundation; the NSF mark assures consumers, retailers and regulators that products protect and improve global human health. All claims are underpinned by independent research from respected universities and industry bodies.

To seamlessly integrate our products into your OEM wherever and whenever you do business.
The next provider of an innovative water treatment technology into your portfolio.

To put customer service first and foremost in our business ethics

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We are looking for R&D on our FGX3 in enhancing MMBR for phosphate removal, use of FGX3 to activate our Next sand clinoptilite for ammonia and phosphate recovery.


We have discovered our FGX3 enhances crop root growth and reduces the quantity of adjuctants required for foliar applications of pesticides, herbicides and micro nutrients.


When working with clients introducing our technologies we like to share in robust assessments to underpin the business benefits of using our products. Severn Trent water applied Wrc CCTV method analysis to assess the efficacy of FGX3 in mitigating FOG deposits in sewer.


Our potable water products are NSF certified. FGX3 can be used up to 12ppm in potable water applications, Next Sand is one of the few natural clinoptilolites with NSF 61 approval.

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How can I tell if Next Scale Stop is exhausted?2020-04-20T09:12:34+01:00

Because Next scale stop does not remove minerals simple colour tests are not applicable and adherence to change out timescales is the best way to manage the media change.  Chemically you could use a calcium specific ion electrode and meter though normally this kit is a specialist purchase since it would cost much more than the media or media cartridge cost.

How long does Next Scale Stop last?2020-04-20T09:12:15+01:00

Generally 2 years of normal usage

How is Next Sand delivered?2020-04-20T09:11:53+01:00

In 25Kg sacks on pallets or I M3 bulk bags in containers. Smaller quantities can be managed through our agents and associates in country.

What storage facilities do I require?2020-04-20T09:11:15+01:00

Sensible cool, out of direct sunlight for longer term storage but temperature down to freezing is not an issue

What do you need to add FGX3?2020-04-20T09:10:51+01:00

Low capital cost addition from balanced head drip feed to low cost solenoid and peristaltic pumps at low dosage rates from 1 to 25ppm dependent upon the application.  The action of FGX3 is often cumulative and because it works with the natural microfauna constant application works best.  Though simple toilet flushing can clear leach fields associated with septic tanks and the drains have odour eliminated and FOG cleared

Are food manufacturers using FGX3?2020-04-23T14:36:33+01:00

Yes from CIP, surface and floor cleans, to replacing chlorination in salad washing and poultry drinkers

Is there a use for FGX3 in fountains, pools and cooling towers?2020-04-20T09:10:13+01:00

Biofilms are disrupted and surfaces kept clear when used with simple oxidising products and even eliminating the need for the use of bacteriocides

Can FGX3 deal with oil contamination?2020-04-23T14:35:48+01:00

Applied in the correct manner FGX3 can completely remove hydrocarbons and by-products to almost undetectable levels. Oil on water is herded into biodegradable composition and it has been very successfully used to deal with seaborne pollution and deep cleaning of tankers, ship decks and bilges.

Can FGX3 be mixed with other cleaners and disinfectant products?2020-04-20T09:09:22+01:00

FGX3 bis environmentally benign with no deleterious effects to aquaculture it is not denatured by normal alkalis, acids or oxidisers and can in action enhance the effect of sanitisers like hydrogen peroxide

Does FGX3 deal with odour?2020-04-20T09:08:58+01:00

Used in misting systems and sewer systems odour is eliminated in sewer by removing biofilm in aerosols by absorbing and environmentally degrading the active odour forming compounds

Why would clients be interested in FGX3?2020-04-20T09:08:24+01:00

FGX3 lowers operational costs whilst enhancing processes from treatment through to basic cleaning and maintenance

How can FGX3 PSCs affect aeration in wastewater treatment?2020-04-20T09:08:12+01:00

The action of the formulation surfactants enables smaller microbubbles to form with weakened surface tension enabling more of the entrained air to dissolve and pass through the bacterial membranes along with bioavailable nutrients like fatty acids formed from breakdown of FOG and other sewage nutrients.

How are PSCs different to other bioaugmentation products?2020-04-20T09:08:00+01:00

PSCs have a physical effect and a natural biochemical effect accelerating the metabolism of localised and indigenous microflora

What is a bioaugmention product?2020-04-20T09:07:49+01:00

A formulation that environmentally accelerates biological mechanisms

Are Next products harmful?2020-04-20T09:07:36+01:00

All our products are safe for potable water use and handling media and liquids in all cases only require minimal standard PPE

Does Scale STOP use salt?2020-04-20T09:07:20+01:00

Scale stop is a non dissolving media that doesn’t require regeneration with salt

Is FGX3 a liquid?2020-04-20T09:07:05+01:00

FGX3 is a concentrate sold mainly in totes comprising 330 US gallons

Where is the origin of Next products?2020-04-20T09:06:05+01:00

Next sand is from our mines in USA

Next scale stop media is manufactured under licence

Next Housings are manufactured in USA

Next FGX3 is produced in the USA at several facilities

Is FGX3 an enzyme?2020-04-20T09:06:43+01:00

FGX3 is based on fermented yeast and environmentally friendly surfactants. It is not an enzyme, bacteria or solvent and works best with indigenous bacteria

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