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Water Treatment Solutions

Next Water Treatment develops water based technologies that service a range of installations, from food manufacturing plants to water treatment works, across various industrial sectors. Our tech is used in water treatment, wastewater treatment and sewerage & recycling systems. Using modern advanced technologies such as reverse osmosis and nanofiltration to treat water, we’re able to reduce water wastage whilst ensuring that the water produced is completely safe, fit for purpose and within specified frameworks & guidelines. Our expert engineers have developed some of the most efficient and cost-effective water treatment technologies on the market including complimentary treatments to improve treated water quality..

Next Scale Stop
  • Controls the scaling propensity of hard water as well as Ion Exchange

  • Doesn’t remove minerals

  • All treated water is suitable for drinking

  • Exploits surface catalysis by using polymeric beads in upward flow contact

  • Minimal head loss gets into the system

  • Installations are compact with zero waste water

  • No salt storage or use

  • No environmental pollution

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Next Sand
  • Mined natural clinoptilolite.

  • Uses the unique alumina silicate structure to produce a true depth filter

  • More effective than mixed media beds

  • Produces potable water approval

  • Provides 40% less use of backwash water filtering down to less than 5 micron

  • Low turbidity& Low head-loss throughout the production cycle and

  • Speedy return to service if back washed

  • Added benefits for municipal and industrial water treatment

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  • Used as an additive up to 12ppm

  • Potable water approved

  • Removes biofilm whilst improving flux

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  • Reverse Osmosis preceded by Next Scale stop extends the life of the membranes

  • Calcium ion impregnation is much reduced

  • Improved Flux

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